An analysis on the best duvet covers

catbedHello my name is Ichi the Killer and welcome to my bedding review blog. Today we’re going to look into the best duvet covers available on the market. When it comes to purchasing your bedding you have three basic options:

1. Buy in store

2. Buy online

3. Create your own from scratch.

While you will probably get the highest quality from option number 3, the sheer amount of time, energy and expertise needed makes it almost near impossible for the average person to quilt their own comforter. Option 2 has been the norm for almost 75 years in America. You would walk into Walmart or other bedding department store, find what you needed and what fit your budget and that was that. Nowadays, with the advent of internet shopping mega websites such as and eBay, you can find really great deals that department stores cannot beat. There is a small caveat when shopping on these huge discount websites. Sometimes a deal may be too good to be true.

Two months ago I was in need of a new duvet cover. I first went to and looked at their reviews and found several products I was interested in. I then hopped onto Amazon and did a search. To my surprise I found a nice down comforter and cover for $50 shipped. I had been in Bed Bath and Beyond just the day before and priced out the same pair and it came out to well over $150. Figuring I had just found a great deal online that wouldn’t last, I instantly purchased the pair without much thought. A few days later and UPS came to my front doorstep with two boxes. The first one contained the comforter. I excitedly opened it up, only to be very disappointed. Instead of a nice, fat, fluffy comforter filled with goose down, I got a very flat piece of fabric that looked as if it had been stuffed with cardboard. I took it out and put the duvet cover on it and it didn’t even fit. I immediately went back online and looked at the product I had purchased on Amazon, thinking there must have been a mixup at the shipping department. Nope. Same product, same UPC, same brand. It wasn’t until I looked at the reviews did I notice a ton of 1 star reviews from disgruntled customers.

Lesson learned. If you’re going to be shopping online, you should always read the reviews first off and foremost. Luckily Amazon’s liberal return policy enabled me to return the items for a store credit. I then took my time browsing online and found a perfect TinyBirdOrganics bedding and duvet cover. This time around it was extremely fluffy and warm and the cover sheet fit snug. The total cost was around $100. So I had still saved $50 and all the hassle and aggravation of getting into my car, fighting traffic and fighting the crowds at the mall.

It is highly advisable that you shop around prior to purchasing your duvet and duvet covers. Learn to read the reviews. Most stores will put the 5 star reviews first. There should be a button to click that will enable you to read the 1 star reviews. Generally speaking, these are the most honest reviews out there. They can make or break the product.